Preaching the Word: Some More Thoughts

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As stated in a previous post, preaching the Bible properly is of utmost importance.  As such, here are some quotes to ponder and a couple of videos to consider watching with regards to the issue of preaching that is faithful to the Word of God.

From Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever (a copy is available to borrow in the JOF office):

  • “The Old Testament prophets and the New Testament apostles were given, not a personal commission to go and speak, but a particular message to deliver.  Likewise, Christian preachers today have authority to speak from God only so long as they speak His message and unfold His words.  As loquacious as some preachers may be, preachers are not commanded simply to go and preach.  They are commanded specifically to go and preach the Word.  That’s what preachers are commanded to preach.” (41)
  • “Preachers are not called to preach what’s popular according to the polls.  What good is that?  People already know all that.  What life does that bring?  We’re not called to preach merely moral exhortations or history lessons or social commentaries . . . We are called to preach the Word of God to the church of God and to everyone in His creation.  This is how God brings life . . . we are in desperate need to hear God’s Word brought honestly to us, so that we don’t just hear what we want to hear but rather hear what God has actually said.” (52-53)
  • “We should want pastors who will preach from the Word of God, but we should also carefully listen to what the pastor says and decide whether or not what he says is according to the Word of God.  We need not just someone who claims to preach from the Word, but someone who substantially does that–whose sermons are in line with what the Word of God actually teaches.” (60)

From Dying to Preach: Embracing the Cross in the Pulpit by Steven W. Smith:

  • “This is the first question: How has God revealed Himself?  A question of theology which is answered, through Jesus, and Jesus is revealed in the Word.  Now we are ready to answer the second question: What method best accomplishes the goal of revealing the text, and therefore revealing Christ, who will reveal the Father?  I would submit that only a message that is driven by the substance, structure, and spirit of a biblical text will, over time, lead people to see Christ in His word, and, as a result, see the Father in Christ.”
  • “The most compelling preaching is that which finds its foundation in the text.”
  • “If we ignore the authority in the word while we preach, then we are simply persuading without proof; calling for life change without a foundation on which to build a life.”


Hyung Lee is the education pastor at Journey of Faith Church.

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