Small Groups


Missional Community

A vibrant community of believers empowered to live out the Christian calling by ministering to one another and sharing the Gospel with everyone within our reach. For more information, please contact Pastor Ray or Pastor Mike.

Why do we need a Missional Community?
Lord Jesus Christ requires all of His genuine disciples to live out their Christian calling by 1) ministering to one another (inward) and 2) sharing the Gospel with everyone within our reach (outward).  The Missional Community is one way to empower believers to minister (serve) to others.

How often, what day, what time?
The frequency, day and time is determined by each Missional Community
Singles Missional Community meet on the 1st and the 3rd Fridays of each month from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

What happens at a Missional Community gathering?
At a Missional Community, we eat dinner, sing praise songs, talk about spiritual matters , and pray for one another.

Is the Missional Community open to all JoF members and even unchurched people?
The Missional Community is open to anyone (both Christians and non-Christians) who is willing to attend.

If I brought a non-Christian friends to this meeting, will they feel uncomfortable?
The Missional Community strives to build a genuine Christian Community where we love one another and our neighbors.  Whether someone will feel comfortable or uncomfortable will depend on the person, but we attempt to do our very best to welcome and befriend everyone.

Is the Missional Community a seeker sensitive gathering?
Yes and No.  Yes, the Missional Community is seeker sensitive in that we intentionally seek and welcome non-Christians to experience a loving Christian community.  No, in that we do not compromise what happens at a genuine Christian community just make people comfortable.