Small Groups

Community Life Groups

Community Life (CL) Groups are a place where you can connect with people in your context and walk of life. If you are looking to build deep relationships, to talk about the Word, or even have questions about what it means to follow Christ, please join us for CL Groups.

CL Groups take place right after the 10am Sunday service.

CoLlege (ages 18-21)

College students are not just future leaders; they are vital members of the local church. This group is geared toward college undergrads and those folks who are in the same age range.

20s (ages 22-29)

Growth in Christ does not end once the college years conclude and full-time employment begins. The two CL Groups in this age demographic seek to challenge individuals to live for the glory of Christ in the Gospel.

30+ (ages 30 and up — singles)

Singles have unique privileges, opportunities, and responsibilities to devote themselves to Christ. This group seeks to engage older singles to grow in their affections for the Savior.

CLoser to Him (married couples)

Ministering to married couples is an important aspect in the local church. Marriage, created by God, is a beautiful representation of the union between Jesus Christ and His Church. This group seeks to encourage husbands and wives to grow in their relationship with Christ and with one another.

For more information, please contact Ray Im.